Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ego Death Personified

The Vader Gators don’t want folks to know this. The spiritual axiom is that it takes a healthy ego in order to experience ego death. In the random curve of eventuality all spiritual journeys lead to the healthy ego. Some just take the long way around. Some people get addicted to pain and really do have to take the longest possible path to that destiny. Any and all spiritual journeys bring the person to that point wherein they arrive at the state of a healthy ego. At that point it is up to them to make the leap of faith into ego death. All the rest of us can do is show the way for those that come behind us.

The discipline of unification towards a healthy ego is short-tracked through several approaches which involve engaging with a mentor. As related in the past, the spiritual warrior chooses a discipline and uses that discipline to control fear rather than letting the fear control the warrior. The warrior tradition evolves from a universal non-gendered function of self integrated into the whole (Holy) experience of total consciousness as an observer of both internal and external stimuli that allows the person to become aware of all forces at play from within the observable reality. Everything else is mystery. The encodement of disciplinary observation is imparted through the teachings provided by one’s mentor which is going to transfer an understanding that one’s self has the indelible mark of identity that no power in the Universe can alter. It is through the awareness of cause and effect that one arrives at the knowledge that they “reap what they sow” and no force in the Universe can alter or block that process. Once that fear has been addressed and resolved, then each person will step forward in their journey towards arriving at a healthy ego.

In the teachings of the spiritual warrior it is presented as a challenge of preparing for ego-death that the warrior becomes competent in the discipline of creativity. It is through the function of creativity that the warrior steps outside the pre-defined ego status and encounters the mystery and derives some manner of expression from that effort that can be communicated to others. The general manner by which one does this in tribal culture is via ritual. The healthy ego will manifest through the process of practicing all expressions of creativity. All spiritual disciplines integrate the creative process into the work.

As it has been expressed in this passage that “all spiritual disciplines lead to a healthy ego”, and that this is true in the knowledge that each individual will be given many opportunities to work through the dysfunction of an unhealthy ego until they are ready to unify all the efforts into an integrated-self as a healthy ego and arrive at the point where the leap of faith into ego-death will happen. That being said, there is no need to make the distinction between “good medicine” and “bad medicine” or “white magic” and “black magic” because it has been stated implicitly that the Universal Law of Causality means that each person gets back what they put out, so whatever effort is made becomes a method of feedback that informs the person about the merits of their effort towards arriving at a healthy ego. Therefore, all paths eventually lead to a healthy ego. It is just a question of how much pain a person has to put themselves through before having enough and merging onto the path of total unification of self wherein all selfish desires and expectations will be addressed through the discipline of the chosen path. The unhealthy ego harbors aspects of selfish intent while the healthy ego arrives at a point of acceptance that perfection is an expression of unification through total awareness.

The Vader Gators are good teachers if the information one is seeking is a good reason to turn around and go in the other direction in their spiritual journey. Knowing that all paths lead to the same destiny frees all pilgrims from pride, a major spiritual barrier, and gives us the ability to support each other in our journey, even if that person is heading full steam ahead towards the Vader Gators. After enough pain and suffering has been gleaned, they’ll do the same thing we did back there somewhere. Know what I mean, Vern?

Oliver Loveday © May 3, 2012 6:15pm EDT

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