Monday, August 27, 2012

Energy Streams

It all started out with this simple idea back there in the winter of doing a video with the camcorder set on the low light mode which would make the car lights glow across the screen like energy trails and mix that up with video of art work and up there on the elevated sidewalk moving towards the intersection of Main Street and Cumberland Avenue when here comes the train blasting a solo way past Charlie Parker directly into the soul of the hobo and me waiting with the camera and mix it up I say mix it up and the video got all shaky there in the cold frost of evening and I looked at it on the little view monitor and figured I would have to edit that stuff out but when the mix started it was right on target and the best stuff for the “Energy Cantata” video along with these shots of the art work like floating over a strange world and looking down on it like Neil Armstrong I say looking down at this strange world like Neil Armstrong flying out there in the place where we all go when it is over but no even better than that mix it up and mix it up with the scenes of the headlights glowing across the street and the ambulance sitting there in the parking lot for no reason and flash flash across the landscape like when the Lakota had calmed down for a minute after being herded up like wild animals into the compound and someone came up with this bright idea to give some of the warriors who had been on the battle field at Little Big Horn to draw the details of their movements and maybe the military could figure out the strategy and here comes these images of men leaning sideways with the view of the battlefield from overhead like a bird’s eye view of the scene with the men lying down sideways and it seemed so child-like to these wise men of the military who couldn’t see the vision of the holographic image from overhead while the battle was going on and they couldn’t understand the concept of vision like Neil Armstrong flying over some strange landscape out there out there mix it up and so here it is these works of art going around and for an instant it felt like the skin of a drum bouncing around like the surface of this land with strange energy lines out there and the sound of energy over and over energy mix it up and someone said something about this was a good start to three videos about all of this and I was completely happy to move on and forget this celebration of energy and the vision like those drawings which make sense to anyone with vision but to someone who is into the totally material concrete reality of yellow metal gold Black Hills mix it up mix it up and dream across the land like Charlie Parker birdland mix it up like birdland and the Indians see the world from vision and freedom and here in the middle of this drawing is a mark which means the sound of the cannons blasting shells that rip the skin and flesh and bodies of the warriors who sing for freedom and the right to live in peace but there is no peace there is no peace on war for the right to take this material world by force and forget about peace and freedom while the vision keeps on happening and so there is no way to stop the screams these marks over here over here mix it up and then on May 23, 2012 it could go on like this any longer and it was time to make that spring pilgrimage up the mountain up the mountain mix it up and go up that stream to the cave like birdland in a dream and walking up through there off the trail and up the stream past the iron furnace of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park where the fort at the top of the mountain changed hands between the North and South three times without any shots being fired but before that it was a trail between here and there and here is this cave so we walked up the stream, Maggie and I and I shot video with a camcorder and a digital video recorder while she took photographs and then the idea was born to do the next installment of the three videos on energy as the “Energy Streams” and I put together five works of art and video taped them and video taped them over and over until I got the time motion slow down slow down you’re moving too fast but some of it looked good going really fast like the video looked like the lines would come up into space and there in the middle of it was another fractal and another and mix it up mix it up with nature this natural scene of water flowing down the mountain and this Neil Armstrong science fiction mad Indian energy stream of art work over there over there and fractal video like mathematics could map the flow of energy across the landscape but digital or not the stream keeps running down the mountain and the waves of energy flow stream roll tumble across the flat skin surreal world of planet splash jump jump mix it up mix it up art work and then the sounds of music with the base track of the stream which isn’t nice and soothing like the video of Turkey Creek in the video “Listen to these Waters” which makes you want to sink into this place of deep calm but no this is the sound of water in a hurry full of energy and over that are other sounds mixed in all together mix it up mix it up and it isn’t that bad like a fingernail on the chalk board but still yet you don’t think about sinking into it and it all goes together with the harmonica sounds and various poems being read and a little sample of some electronica or is that pow-wow music and here is some ancient traditional Peruvian music or a lift rip-off of some ultra-modern classical music played backwards with heavy echo mix it up mix it up and suddenly it’s been fifteen minutes and somewhere in the web of functional reality there are great big spaces where energy can flow through but all that material madness of yellow metal gold greed and suffering that traps us all here in the time-space continuum web like that but those with vision those with vision those who get really small and slide through the gaps in the time-space web of reality don’t mind if the energy streams move out there past time and this isn’t a Lakota trying to explain the method of engagement on the battlefield in three dimensional holographic pencil marks but just a brief footnote of how the energy flows through the time-space continuum between many worlds like Charlie Parker blowing Star Dust dreaming mix it up mix it up energy streams splash splash

Artwork in the “Energy Streams” video can be viewed on the "Watercolor" page of the Loveday Studio web site.

Ladder Between Worlds (May 28, 2012)
Passage to Forever (May 28, 2012)
Disposable Memory (May 30, 2012)
Rhythmic Substance (May 30, 2012)
Vintage Silence (May 31, 2012)

Media for all works:
Ink, watercolor, pastel, oil pastel, pencil, colored lead
30 x 22 inches |76.2 x 55.8 cm
Strathmore 140 lb cold press watercolor paper

Oliver Loveday © August 27, 2012 3am EDT

Passage to Forever (detail)

Rhythmic Substance (detail)

"Energy Streams" Video on You Tube

The Creation of "Rhythmic Substance" can be viewed on Daily Motion. Click the title.