Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shift of Chronus

“Shift of Chronus”
(Inscription: Kronus | Chroous)
3.5 x 5 inches | 8.9 x 12.7 cm
Strathmore 50 lb | 74 g/m
January 13, 2010

Shift of Chronus, January 13, 2010

I never did figure out the right word for the title of this drawing. There was a word in there somewhere which was supposed to mean something about a shift in hue, like chroma. But the word kept coming out like another Greek word, which relates to time. Actually they are the same thing when it comes down to the laws of physics. The drawing is an attempt to show a time shift in human consciousness. Creativity addresses time, space, and functions outside the natural order of chronology. Without an awareness of time, we would not comprehend space or the distance between two points in physical reality. During periods of creative activity the artist experiences the sensation that time has been suspended, but as the pencil, paint brush, wood carving chisel, guitar, or stage charts are laid down, the hour is much later than we thought. It's easy to understand how these experiences with creativity can lead to an interest in the time-space continuum
The drawing continues this process of reclaiming markings from the past. The curl of air in the upper right corner was a frequent visitor to pencil drawings some thirty-five years ago. As a landscape, the drawing reminds me of a watercolor painting I did in 1983 entitled The Aegean Sea where the water vapor rising out of the water is made visible in the painting. The surface of the sea (or land) is below one's point of view now, as the horizon is not visible in this landscape. There are only fugitive elements of atmospheric embellishments visible. The air has been slightly bruised with the lightest of markings from the pencil. The wind blows it all to the East, or North, or leeward in the rising escape from gravity and transcendence into a new time zone. Like the journey of a person seeking spiritual truths in a world gone stark-raving mad, the new awareness of the bigger picture starts to gel and thicken in the curl of Chronus. My new word for the day.

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