Monday, February 23, 2015

Soft Green

At the moment of conception
This spawning of all Creation
As life sinks into the soft green
And we become a beautiful dream

The delicate moisture of nourishment
Flows through the gleaming pool
Shining from this ancient enlightenment
As the circle of freedom shines like a jewel

Oliver Loveday © February 23, 2015

“Soft Green” is a small acrylic painting that was created with several sessions of painting. During the first session brush work was applied and then non-contact brush work was applied. The paint that landed from this “splash” on areas where there was paint would blend and mix to create soft washes of acrylic paint. After the paint had been applied it was set aside for a few hours to dry. Then the areas that were still wet would be worked with a natural sponge to remove the paint. This would leave rings of paint with clear circles in the middle.

After the paint dried more work would be done the next day. A layer of clear polymer was applied. The next layers of paint would respond differently than those on the untreated paper. A few hours after each painting sessions some of the wet paint would be removed. The paint that was applied on the surface after the clear acrylic polymer had been applied would remove without any staining, unlike the first coat of paint. After the clear polymer had been applied it would be easier to remove any paint that was not working well with the painting during the painting session. Water could also be added to areas where the paint was to thin it more, then remove the paint in part of the thinned areas to give a wash effect like with brush and ink. A painting like “Soft Green” would take several days to complete with several work sessions during each day. The goal of such a process is to produce an effect that gives an effect like it is a soft liquid of colors floating in a glowing pool of light.

“Soft Green”

“Soft Green”
12 x 9 inches | 30 x 22.8 cm 50 lb
November 21, 2014

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