Saturday, September 24, 2011

Frequence 7

Stabilizing the system of regeneration against ambient drone backlogs of procrastination. Ambient in timbre as the search continues to record sounds from localities that provide a natural backdrop mixed in with the imagined and alien to provide a backwash of reverb behind the spoken voice. New data has been generated and the creative process of corrupting the original in order to discover some point of arrival beyond this point of departure.

On the visual plane the splash dance of ink continues as new uploads are in progress on the web site. Frozen in the blink of time against the surface.

Word art remains backlogged with hammered verses peppered with anecdotes related to previous sweepings of graphite against the skin of sketch paper.

Don’t worry. I will arrive at a better narrative next time. At the moment it’s just getting wet around the gills of newness. Formats contingent upon frequency 7 influxes.