Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crow Talks

I didn’t get a lot of heads up about crows as a child. I knew they were good at stealing things and I read a few stories about them from various literature but no one was actually talking about them other than “scarecrow” type issues so when reality started to dissolve what that means is that reality based on what’s real didn’t melt away but all the Occidental manner of speaking about reality started to dissolve so all of a sudden this confrontation within myself started to happen and I discovered that the Western mind wasn’t the “be all to end all” and in fact it was just a very narrow band of the greater spectrum of human reality but when that dominant force tells you this is real and if you don’t stick with what’s real then you will get hit and getting hit was real a lot back then so I didn’t want to get hit but still I knew that there was other bands of reality that wasn’t there and the crows were always around going “caw/caw” like they knew something no one was talking about and I couldn’t stop listening and they were I said this already but really I mean it they were always around and one summer day in 1979 I was sitting on the front porch with a friend who had just blown in from the west and we’re sitting there just goofing in the morning breeze of not doing anything and those blasted crows were over there talking all the time that morning and he looked at me and said something like “Rolling Thunder communicates with you through the crows” but I just nodded because I’ve never really talked about this to anyone so he tells the wife a little more about what just happened later that day when I got out doing something and she related it later about how the crows are the middleman or whatever between medicine men and that’s the first time anyone ever said this out loud and I’m over here in this functioning mind reality paying attention so I didn’t say much but the wave lengths are full of more than just what is coming from one person because it’s pretty much an open channel between disciplined minds and I’m in the loop and if you aren’t in the loop it isn’t any of your business so what’s to talk about really but then the time loop jumps and shifts to 2004 and some folks are out to run the show and if they can’t run it then they’ll destroy it like that’s a real head game in their own insanity and someone they think they can take away all these things I’ve got going on and I’ll really regret not playing their game but that was then and this is now and some of them are dead and some of them moved to Texas and some of them even went to Texas to die so I’m sitting there on the back porch of 2004 waiting for the house to burn down around me in a manner of speaking and I start doing a series of recordings of Native American flute music and one of them is on this bamboo flute which is the style of the traditional Cherokee flute which is a different flute from the rest of them but it is still about being in the moment and searching through the breath and material for the sound and I made a CD of all of this but it all got stashed for the time being and I wanted to use some flute music for a project a few months ago which was maybe the video of a storm during the night along with the poem “Storm Warning” but I don’t remember exactly right now and I’m not going to go and listen to it to figure it out but what I had to do was lift the flute track off a video slide show I made in 2006 because the flutes and CD were stashed back there where the house burned down (not the actual house structure but the threat that was made and it’s all metaphor anyway) so I have this track hanging out on my hard drive called “Crow Talks” from all of that and then I’m in public housing in 2011 and there’s this hillside behind the apartment with crows coming to eat the grass seeds and grasshoppers and I start trying to take photographs or still digital images of them with my camcorder which has this really strange method of allowing me to do this so I’m trying to take pictures of these crows and the challenge is to try and capture one of them in flight and all of a sudden it turns into a game like they know I’m trying to do this and they have spotters that “caw/caw” as soon as they see me step out with my camcorder so it’s a real challenge but I stay steady knowing that one day I’ll catch them not paying attention like that is ever going to happen because no one pays attention better than the crows and they see all and know all and talk about it all the time like they won’t shut up about it and I’m supposed to be listening to all of this but that’s another loop so I’m here the other day doing my little stalk on the crows and I’m zoomed in on one that is about 100 feet away up the hill and it flies and I click and get a really good photograph of it and then I look up the hill and the dog from a few apartments over has gone up and messed with the crows so they would fly because they have been standing there for five minutes not moving just staring at me or moving through the grass eating but above all else they aren’t going to fly so I’ll get my shot and the dog runs up there and makes it happen and those dogs know stuff too but that’s what everyone knows that hangs out with dogs and it’s not all that much of a big deal now except what they are saying is that when the people hurt bad enough they’ll ask for help again I mean because after all people like Rolling Thunder are dead now and I was paying attention and listening to the crows talk and followed the discipline of the work so if they want help they know who to ask but they don’t have much money to make things happen that need to happen and the people that have money are greedy and want to make more money off of the money they have which isn’t going to make them happy either but at least they get some satisfaction out of having all the money so that’s working for them and they aren’t going to make anything happen because they can’t make money off of sacred things that aren’t for sale so they try to oppress the Old Ways so they make more money off of people’s pain which is really sick and the people let them use them this way and the crows have something to say about it but unless you are in the loop it doesn’t really matter because they aren’t talking to you anyway. Or are they?

Loveday Studio

Crow Talks
I was planning to just upload the MP3 audio file but this blog doesn't do that. It just lets me do video, so I had to create a quick video so you could hear the flute song. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Frequence 7

Stabilizing the system of regeneration against ambient drone backlogs of procrastination. Ambient in timbre as the search continues to record sounds from localities that provide a natural backdrop mixed in with the imagined and alien to provide a backwash of reverb behind the spoken voice. New data has been generated and the creative process of corrupting the original in order to discover some point of arrival beyond this point of departure.

On the visual plane the splash dance of ink continues as new uploads are in progress on the web site. Frozen in the blink of time against the surface.

Word art remains backlogged with hammered verses peppered with anecdotes related to previous sweepings of graphite against the skin of sketch paper.

Don’t worry. I will arrive at a better narrative next time. At the moment it’s just getting wet around the gills of newness. Formats contingent upon frequency 7 influxes.