Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dreaming Dandelion Drama: the formation of nothing

Eddies of echoes welling up inside the reverberation signal of secondary silence while the formula of dreaming passes the gulf of dormant cognition after the deluge washes the idea of nothing out past the waves of inherent possibilities while functionality is just a state of being and being leaves more to be desired than we were talking about the last time splash adventures reciprocated actual results and there is a method to this madness if you stand there in the rain long enough but even then it is always going to stop raining sometime and the totally optimist in this movie keeps saying that they can hold out and not get it whatever that it is before it stops raining and we all cheer the effort to avoid getting whatever it was that they didn’t get while standing out there in the rain one more time like getting wet is all that important and then the rain comes and washes it all clean again and these marks that mark where the idea of nothing went before nothing was revealed keep shining in the trademark sunlight last gleaming light beneath a sky of stellar memory illuminated in sequences of imposition of myth that has nothing to do with star so bright make my wish come true in the land of concrete situations as it all drones into a backwash of echo again and again and there are holes in my shoes and rocks in my socks with repetitive symbolism of empty pockets except for the greater gulf of openness where the holes reside and it all forms into what can’t be sought or spoken of but just experienced and even as it forms it disappears into the nothingness of self-fulfilling prophecy and it begins all over again and again as the rain comes and after it is all said and done not all that is gold glitters in the abstract notion that liberation of self from ego-oriented desires and expectations can be integrated into a thin bit of rice paper where the waves break across the universe of pilgrim technology and the gossip doesn’t mention how many were left standing out in the rain or which way the sandman went while I hit the paper too hard with the brush and rupture the skin of silence with an explosion of fractured memory left dreaming dandelion drama beyond nothingness

Oliver Loveday © April 23, 2013

 “Formation of Nothing”
Sumi ink and gold ink on rice paper
13 x 9.5 inches | 33 x 24 cm
April 15, 2013

For more information about this work visit the Sumi Ink page on the Loveday Studio web site.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Post-Industrial Cave Art

Layers of color and start out with white into white the color saturation making this start of a new work out on the bank beyond the retaining wall wind blowing light breeze paint fumes going east towards the other apartment but no one home so keep working to get the first layer down on the paper and as it dries out Maggie goes out I’m inside waiting for a minute for it to dry and then take the other stuff out to paint and I ask her if she wants to paint some and she nods so I get the crate and sit it next to the cardboard box folded up from the sidewalk alongside Henry Street sidewalk gleanings of needing a piece of cardboard to work on so I can use push pins to hold things in place if I want to work vertical but today the wind is blowing but first we put the mesh from a potato sack over the paper and she paints and move it and use the mesh from a Mandarin oranges sack a little pensive until move the mesh to see what is left painting in the blind here and the mesh works very fine very fine and the spaghetti noodles go on next and Maggie paints different uses different speed time place approach not the same as how I work and I watch and go get camera to photograph as she does a hand impression on her latex glove outline cave painting post-industrial cave art longest running style school of thought way of doing art in the history of mankind as Maggie taps into that energy of signals to infinity of “I am here” identity unit of reality presence function of persona and more as the photographs flow and the video captures the last few minutes of work and it is finished and done now on the wall arrival of cave art in this cave of later day saints riding out infinity with paper thin walls of cave art using cheap spray paint to make the marks without wooly mammoths or buffalo just potato sack mesh onion sack or is it oranges as the spaghetti noodles create worm holes in space quantum jump jump across the Universe into white as whiteness silver shimmer Jackson Pollock lightness of being within you without you nothingness evading time space continuum as this cave radiates I AM I AM I am here and more and more

Oliver Loveday © April 9, 2013 12:05am EDT

Video of Post-Industrial Cave Art