Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mail Art

In the flicker flick flock fluck fling flake flim flam flame flip flop
My camera doesn’t like me anymore
Bing chaching chong chonk
Mother mystery monastery
It was my mother that started this
Doing correspondence
Write a letter
Make a greeting card

Then Dada art introduction in 1971 art books from library and seeing anti-art from post World War One (and counting) response to materialism industrial culture commercialization of everything and making something non-commercial outside “HIGH culture” photo-copy machine multiple copies of collage printouts mailed out on temporary art paper fading rapidly non-commercial value mail art cut cut

Art.heart.pushcart.fart.dart.part.start and art school collage painting into idea of decal where the ink from a photograph print in a magazine is lifted from the paper via clear acrylic polymer and pasted onto a painting transparent floating over the pigment underneath

Worked as a printer (press operator//off-set printing press) amazing view of hundreds of sheets of paper falling off roller into stack and setting up next print job pulling culls from a stack and printing over and over on the same pieces of paper hundreds of sheets used to check the setup before using clean white virgin paper for job and looking at printings of random jobs printed over each other

Frequency of seven 7 7 idea and position index cards through printer ink jet multiple runs of different images photographs fractals words random sloppy placement combining collage decal setup printer paper and introduced to mail art community again fluxus flash global community via Face Book and connect combine process anti-art postcards anarchy across international boundaries after invitation from Cathy Garcia to send something to “Nouveaux Delits” and six of these resulting
For more information about mail art and how you can participate, go to the International Union of Mail-Artists 

To read more of my writing or see my art work, please visit Loveday Studio

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